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I live in an area where there aren’t a lot of people to talk to. There’s no support groups and there aren’t many counsellors that aren’t men. (‘m afraid of men, since what happened to me, and there’s one girl-counsellor but she doesn’t understand at all.
It’s a very small town, in Canada.
I’m 14.
I have 1 friend that I talk to but she isn’t a counsellor or anything and she hasn’t been through what I’ve been through, so even though she helps it would be nice to meet someone and talk to someone who really understands.
I’d love to meet Linor or someone who does what she does. She is very brave. I’d never call myself brave but I really liked the documentary and I find the stories are very inspiring.
I would even say Linor has been my inspiration and since watching the film I’ve been able to tell my story for the first time ever.
So thank you for being so brave and maybe we will meet one day, that would be awesome. Who knows, by some miracle that might happen.


  • Alexis
  • Maryrose


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