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Help!! What Can I Do?

I am 19 years old now. This takes place when i was 11 years old. In my school, there was a boy whom I thought was pure in heart, mind and soul. He was intelligent and good in sports. He helped me in studies. When I was sad he consoled me. I never thought that his mind could be dirty. One day he called me home to help me with my homework. I agreed. He said his parents were not at home. We both started doing homework. He brought juice for both of us. He mixed drugs in my juice. I felt heavy. He took off my clothes forcefully. He took off his clothes as well. He started raping me. I had been learning karate. With all my strength i managed to kick him. Then I hit him with a heavy metal rod lying nearby. I wore my clothes quickly, took my study material and ran home. My mom didn’t believe me nor the police. They both thought that I was blaming the boy because I had sex. Dear readers, you only say what can I do??

— Alice, age 19

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  • Alissa Ackerman


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