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How I Was Raped

The man who did this to me was my boyfriend. His name is Brandon Cleine. We were both 17 at the time. Before it happened, I think to scare me he told me how he had raped another young girl before me when he was a young boy. He had also raped animals violently then killed them.
He was trying to have sex with me one day while he was at my house. I told him no. That was unacceptable to him.
At first he was kissing me, but I turned my head away. I was starting to get scared. I knew he was very strong and I would have no hope against him.
He pushed me on to the bed and forced my clothes off. I started screaming for him to stop, but he pushed me down harder as I was trying to push him off me.
He put his fingers inside my vagina. It was very painful. I screamed out, and he put his dirty other hand over my mouth.
He then put his penis inside my vagina. I was crying from the pain, tears were coming out of my eyes even though I could not speak. Later I found out he had ripped my vagina.
Next he did what he had always tried to force me to do. He forced his penis inside me anally. I thought I would die from the pain, but the worst was still about to happen.
He grabbed my hair and pulled my head down, forcing me to suck on his penis, choking me. When I nearly threw uo on him he bashed my head against the wall. He didn’t care who heard now, no one was coming.
His grip on me loosed and I finally got away. I pulled a shirt on and screamed at him to get out. He didn’t seem to think that he had done anything wrong. I kept screaming until he finally got out of my house. All of this happened on my bed, where I am sitting now.
After that I just went to sleep, I couldn’t handle being conscious.
It wasn’t until a year later that I remembered, and I went to the police but it didn’t even go to court because of lack of evidence. I am 19 now, and I am still scared of seeing him when I am out. I have PTSD, and I hallucinate and have flashbacks. I can barely stand living some days, as I also have Interstitial Cystitis, Fibromyalgia and mental illnesses that are major depression, severe anxiety and OCD. However I am stronger now, and I feel sorry for this small man who has to hurt women and animals to feel big. This horrible person should be locked up for life.

— Jen Boyd


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