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HS Reunion

This year, I attended my 10 year Reunion, the first time I saw anyone from HS since Graduation Day. Most of all, I had a long talk with Jerry R.
Jerry R. and I dated for a long time, and over my objections, he kind of forced me into having sex, being my first. After a few months, we had a pregnancy scare, and he was a bit immature in dealing with it, and it was contributing to a break-up.
We talked about old times, and he apologized if his libido left me feeling unappreciated. He regretting losing me all these years. As I had lost my husband years before, he wanted to take me out, to make it up to me, and I agreed.

I had to cancel twice, because I don’t have a steady sitter, but we got it together. We had a nice dinner, and played some games, won some prizes, and had a lot of laughs. I thought about if I was wrong about our old relationship.
He took me home, and we kissed deeply, but I didn’t want him to come in because of my son. He talked me into just having a drink. I paid and sent the sitter home. We talked about my son, and his father, and my career.

He leaned over to kiss me, and I absent-mindedly responded. Composing myself, and objecting because my son was home, and this wasn’t meant to start a relationship. After a few stern ‘No’ answers, he started to undress me. He was even faster than in HS, and he got my things off faster than I could stop him and object! As he took his pants down, I even asked him to please not rape me, again.
So, we were having sex on my couch, while I asked him to stop periodically until he asked he to object stronger! I figured out he enjoyed the struggle and resigned myself. To my embarrassment, he made me orgasm, and I felt like I was lying to myself that he was forcing me, and nodded that I wanted him to continue.
It was soon, my son wandered in to investigate the noise, with a full, unobstructed view of exactly what was going down! In utter panic, I told him to ‘STOP!’, desperately trying to push him off! To my mortification, he continued, including displaying having an orgasm, right in full view of my 6-year-old! While gasping, I ordered him back to bed, so i could talk to him later, and beseeched Jerry to let me go. It was a full 20 minutes before he did!

Jerry thanked me for the best time he had since we were dating, and promised to call me, though at the moment I wanted to say ‘Don’t!’. He left, I washed off, and dressed in my robe, went to comfort my son. I was not very prepared to go from the ‘boys have/girls have’ story to full X-rated educations! He was confused, and a bit scared, but I explained what he saw, and that that was a friend I knew before I even met his Daddy, and he wanted to make me feel better because Daddy died. He could understand the feelings, at least, though I do best discussing it as ‘wrestling’.

I’m glad he took it okay because I had to explain pregnancy soon afterward. I made the mistake of telling Jerry R. before my lawyer, against a coworker advise, and he blocked instead of not taking my calls. He has been served a subpoena for paternity testing, but no charges.
My son likes feeling her kick and demanded a brother, but I feel strongly it’s a girl. She knows I love her, even after her origins, and kicks regularly for us to know it back.

— Cleo, age 27


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