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I Am a Survivor…

I had taken the purity ring promise when I was 13. I was first assaulted when I was 7. Then had a bad experience with a guy when I was 12. Now at 16, I was raped by my now ex boyfriend in my own basement at home… Just days before losing my sister to her fight with Diabetes. It happened repeatedly because I loved him, and I was scared to speak up. When my parents found out – they didn’t believe me. They talked to him and he said it was consensual and that it happened more than 10 times. He neglected to say that I never said yes. He neglected to say that I never told him I was okay with it. He neglected to say that he actually held my hands down and that he was much stronger than me – making it possible to hold both my hands down with just one of his. I am terrified of men now. The only people who have believed me are my best friends and even now they think that I’m over it. Not even 5 months later. Now to this day, I don’t know where I can turn or who I can trust anymore. But one thing I know is certain… I am a survivor…


  • Alissa Ackerman
  • Maryrose


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