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I am a survivor and got over it eventually

Hi my name is Sienna, I’m 14. I was raped about two years ago. My brothers best friends little brother, he was my crush for so long. Finally he talked to me and then we started talking to each other. We met up at the Rec center next to me. We were playing games outside and he pulled me in the trees and started kissing on me. I didn’t think anything of it tell he escalated he started taking my clothes off. Then he pushed me down. I said no and kept saying no. Finally he hit me and I stopped pushing, he raped me. I didn’t tell anyone for months, finally I told my cousin and she told my aunt finally my parents figured out. It was the hardiest thing I ever went through and I hate that sometimes I can’t even look in the mirror without feeling like a slut. I realized one day I wasn’t getting anywhere with crying and feeling like a horrible slut. Every girl who has got raped, you are amazing and you can do this get passed this horrible experience. You are a survivor not a victim.


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