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I Am Brave!

I am a rape survivor!

My story started when i was 15 I was walking home from school when i felt someone grab and yank me back then i passed out, then i came to and i was on someones shoulder and had a blindfold on, i started to scream and struggle. He just laughed and hit my bottom. Then i passed out again and woke up in a dark room and tied up in a bed then i saw his shadow cover the whole door… i was so scared my little body can’t handle this, he came over to the bed, untied me and told to take my shirt off in a aggressive tone. I told him no. he said ” do it or i’ll cut you” so when i was taking it off i threw it on his head and tried to escape… he threw me down with his hand on my chest and left a mark, “so you wanna play games huh i like games.” he said with a weird evil look. he got the knife and ran the knife along my skin all the way to my ….. I was crying so hard… I beg him please don’t do this. i was screaming in pain and crying like a baby, this went on for hours. then he said he was going to the store and i thought this could be my chance. so i walk around in pain trying to find a way out. then i found a door to the backyard so i ran out with all my might and found the police and told them everything he was sent to jail for only two years before he went he told he was coming back for me……

i found out i was pregnant i was going to get rid of her but i couldn’t so now i have a sweet little girl named Rosie!!

2 years later i found out he was out of jail. i was so scared i hid with my daughter i thought nothing could happen and i needed to be brave. so i took my daughter to the park and he was there he took us both. i screamed in his face, DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH MY DAUGHTER! And he laughed and said don’t you mean our daughter he went down and touched her face and said “she is a real pretty isn’t she.” i grabbed the lamp beside the table and hit him with it… He grabbed Rosie, i screamed and he said “i’ll kill her i will.” I went back over there he rape me again and again then he kissed my little girl and he was taking off her clothes when the police busted in… i grabbed Rosie in relief he was sentenced to 25 years in jail….

Thank you for listening….

— Survivor, age 18


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