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I Am Victorious!

My name is Yohanna Maceo-Ramirez and I say my full name because I have no shame in me anymore about what has happened to me. I was raped at 13 (I was a virgin) by a local playboy in the small town that I lived in the state of Pennsylvania. I had a little girl crush on this 26 year old, and moving to the USA from Canada as a child, I was horribly alienated because I was of a mixed race and did not know racism until I set foot on American soil.

My mother is of Dutch/Indonesian decent born and raised in Amsterdam, Holland and my father is of African American and Afro Cuban decent born and raised in the US. This 26 year old played on my naiveté and desperate need to fit in and mixed with wine manipulated my innocence from me. Then at 15 while intoxicated and unconscious I was raped by the brother of my elder sister’s best friend who was home on leave from the Marine Corp two days before Christmas.

I bore my first child as a result of the rape and back then it was not cool to be a teen mom. They were not handing out reality show contracts back then they sent me to a home for unwed teen moms until I was ready to give birth. My daughter is 24 now and has given me a beautiful grand son and she is an amazing young woman. Again, while working as an exotic dancer at 20, I was raped by my boss in his office.

Watching Linor’s fight and healing in this documentary has further motivated me to tell my story whenever I can. I am a born again christian and my relationship with the Lord has been the foundation of my strength and healing. Watching Linor return to her roots and enter into one with God and how God has blessed her with and amazing husband and beautiful family and the fight in her has lit even a stronger fire in my spirit to keep fighting and reaching out to anyone who needs a voice. Thank you for taking back your shame and turning it into strength. God Bless you always!!!

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