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I Came Home

I came home from school, funny because it was the same time everyday from the same bus.
I walked in our house, and down the hall. The door was open so I could see my Dad was on top of my 5 year old sister, between her legs, and attempting sex.
When our Mom passed, she made me promise to do anything to protect my sister. Being 12, I told our Dad to leave her alone.
He could have it from me instead.
I went to his room, so we could have our rooms to go safely, and got on his bed, removing my underwear. Dad had no issues exchanging partners.
When he was finished, I took a shower, and started dinner like nothing was new or different.
I treated it like a house chore. Whenever Dad wanted, I would go to his room, and then went to whatever I had to do next. Never outside the house, or outside his room, for threat of my breaking my silence and cooperation.
We did this until I was 20, the night before his bypass, and he had never touched my sister. In the morning he went in the hospital, and by evening he was gone.
My sister hugged me a while, being we were alone, with only each other. She hugged me again without saying what it was for.

— Survivor, age 24


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