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I can’t remember if I said yes or no

I feel really embarrassed posting this, because this story is different than a lot of stories on here. But I had been going on dates with this guy and staying at his parents house and solely just falling asleep together, nothing sexual. I told him I only sleep with someone if I am in a relationship with them NUMEROUS times, and he seemed to be ok with it. I had never really partied heavily before and one night we went to a party together and I got extremely “browned” out (where you black out but sometimes come back to a conscious state), he started to get really mad that his friends liked me and were talking to me all night, so he took us back to his house even though I said I wanted to go home. I remember us kissing, which wasn’t a big deal, but I laid my head on the pillow and then black—- I woke up and he told me he enjoyed us having sex that night. I don’t remember if I said yes or no, but he knew I wouldn’t have done it sober. I don’t know if this is rape or not and I have suppressed the memory for 2 years now and I just want some feedback, I don’t know who to ask and this seemed like a safe place.


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