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I did Not need to know this

Youngest of 3, and I was the most outgoing. I was into sports and clubs, and after school church activities.

I came home from field hockey, all sweaty and stinky, and needed a shower like no tomorrow!
I went straight in and to my room to get a change of clothes, and someone was in there already!
It was my older brother having some heavy sex from the sounds of it, and her legs in the air. Strange that he was in our sister’s bed.
He was in our sister!
I needed to get out of there!

I showered and came back in a towel, and knocked Loudly.
I needed clothes to change into, and Yes, I saw that!
I don’t want to hear more about it!

She talked to me about it later. She told me they were looking at some adult stuff, and he forced himself on her. She was ultra embarrassed at it, and would be grateful if she could count on my keeping it secret.
Wrong on so many levels, I think until today.
Sisters are Sisters, I let it be her secret to Share.
She would talk to me on occasion that she felt so dirty.
I told her that it did not change who she was.
He never apologized for doing it.

We discussed all the talk about abusers, and she told me she was wrong to keep it to herself.
He is Patrick
The Survivor is Valerie
Her Support(Me) is Catherine


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