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I didn’t know what to do

When I was 13 I was friends with a guy, he was 19 and I didn’t think it was serious, I was a kid and we hung out in a group.
I went to his house because ‘he had to pick something up’.
When I was there he started kissing me, I didn’t know what to do, and then he started taking off his trousers and pulling mine down.
He then proceeded to have sex with me whilst I just laid there crying.
When he was done I went home and said nothing.
The next day my friends were angry with me because I’d not told them about it, and I felt horrible, he’d told everyone and everyone thought so little of me. Not until I got older I realised what had actually happened, he made out I was a slut and my friends believed him, I didn’t think it was rape at the time because I never said no, and I shouldn’t have gone with him. I never knew that would happen and I didn’t need to say no, I didn’t say yes or give any indication, he should’ve guessed I didn’t want it by me crying!
Sadly I’m still embarrassed about it today, and would never admit to my family and friends the truth, I’d rather forget it happened.

— Survivor, age 23


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