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I Kept Saying No

I was raped by a person that I knew who kept asking me out and I kept saying No. One day he offered to drive me home after I had a tiff with one of my good friends, he took me to his place and raped me. it wasn’t violent but I did say No about 10-12 times. I wasn’t able to get away from him and I had been drinking but felt like I couldn’t move. I believe I passed out during or after but then woke up and he drove me to my house. On the way he drove through McDonalds and asked me if I wanted anything? I just responded shortly, “This wasn’t a date”. I told my friends but I was young and didn’t have a lot of support in my life. My family history is not the best either. I have talked to some people in my life about it but I don’t believe anyone ever really heals from the horrible things that happen to us. And I believe that the true statistics on how many people, women, children and men who get raped is probably astronomically high and that there are predators everywhere who are looking for their opportunity. There was another scary experience with a fellow colleague at work in a park that wasn’t rape but was very strange, he said to me if I told anyone he would have me killed. It was so strange and I quit my job the next day. I didn’t tell the other boss what happened but I should have.

I feel lucky that my experience wasn’t violent because a lot of the stories I have heard have been horrifying but it does scare me to think that this is happening all of the world every day.
I haven’t been as a brave and I was glad that I saw Brave Miss World and heard of Linor’s bravery. Using her status to give more publicity to a world wide issue is so amazing. I hope your organization is known by everyone on the planet eventually so that we can al be stronger.

— Survivor, age 47

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