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I Need To Share More

With great trepidation and humility I wish to share more of my story. As I said previously I have recovered memories of abuse late in life in my 50s. I suffered sexual abuse at an early age up until I was 12 or 13 yrs old from my late father. I was also abused as a baby by my late grandfather and Uncle who had perverse sexual and violent tendencies. I also suffered abuse of a sexual nature at primary school by some of the boys in my class and have also recovered memories of sexual abuse by a neighbor and a close family friend. I had no knowledge of these memories only that I was unhappy and sad and didn’t know why. These memories were recovered during therapy over a relatively short time. Slowly these memories have been revealed to me when I was ready to deal with them. Sometimes a smell or sound can trigger another memory. The memories are quite graphic and shocking particularly as I had no knowledge of them before. In the past the recovered memories have left me feeling broken and in pain as I had to deal with all the emotions that came up. I now feel stronger for having dealt with the pain caused by this childhood trauma and can say I feel happier and more secure in myself. I truly hope telling my story will help others particularly those who have recovered memories of abuse whose stories may have been dismissed as false by others and not believed. I want you to know that I believe you!

— Survivor, age 63

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