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I still don’t know

I still don’t know if I was anally raped by a former gang member 7 years ago. I think about it more and more as I get older. I was drinking, he was the neighbour of a boy I had just met who I went on to date for quite some time. We were all being social, listening to music etc and all of a sudden I knew I wasnt OK and asked if I could lie down. I remember not a thing until I woke up in the morning and my bum felt bruised, torn, sitting hurt extremely badly. A little blood followed that day. It took almost a week before the pain went away. The man who I believe may have raped me sat with me the next morning. I thought he couldn’t possibly have done anything to me, right? Even though the pain was enough to really concern me I couldn’t remember a thing. I don’t know how to let it go, or how to remember or where to go from here. Its very isolating.

— Survivor, age 28

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