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I Thought He Was My Friend

About 5 years ago I started hanging around a new friend group but there was a big change for me there were boys. About three weeks into being apart of this new friend group things started to change. Three boys started talking dirty to me telling me that I was their dirty little secret toy and calling me special. They started coming to my house and climbing into bed with me. They would touch me in places I didn’t want them to. I used to pull their hands away from me. For about a year and a half they kept doing terrible things to me they use to touch me he back if the the public place. There was no one to tell or nowhere to hide. Finally I had enough every time they would come over I would tell mum to tell I’m not here. Even after mum told them I wasn’t home, they would tap on my window. I only found out about two to three weeks ago that the same boys did the same things to me. And the saddest part about this all, that the other girls thought that they were her friends. It breaks my heart. During and after the abuse I have extremely bad nightmares and anxiety attacks. 3 years later from the abuse, I told the cops. I gave me statement and told them everything but I couldn’t go forward. I couldn’t bring myself to even think about letting them them know I told someone “our dirty little secret.”

— Mackayla

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  • Alissa Ackerman


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