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I Thought I Knew Him

Hello there, I first want to say it’s difficult for me to still share this because it’s still fresh in my mind but if it helps others to be warned then I feel its important for me to speak up. So it all begin on POF. I had went through thousands of profiles and they all never met my standards. I was looking for a particular type and so when I came across this guys profile I really thought I found someone special. It had been Manu years since I dated anyone and so I wanted to see if I could find someone serious and ready to settle down. So when I met Chris that’s what I thought I found. He was charming, athletic, had a job and was going to school full time. I really thought I had met my match. I am also hard working and love educating myself so this is something I admired greatly about him. All the previous men I was interested never was like this so he was different from the rest he was so clean cut and put together. So at this point am ready to delete my account because am not finding anyone of quality. But I mistakenly decide to do a search one last time. When I did his profile showed up and I liked what I saw. Handsome, tall, great smile and independent. He had traits I wanted in a man and so I sent him a little message. He responded and wanted to call me immediately. I gave him my number and will regret that forever. The phone was ringing I hesitated to pick up but took the plunge. So we talked for a good 5 minutes and it was like I knew him for a long time. I felt so comfortable. He told me I should come down and seer him I only lived 90 minutes away. So I told him I would love to and we started talking over the course of 2 weeks. I thought I was in love with him after 3 days. I opened up to him like I never did with anyone else. But he had a side to him he was hiding I refused to see. I told him I couldn’t come down until 2 weeks and he totally freaked out and yelled at me. At that point I almost hang u p the phone but he said don’t, okay then I understand but he never apologized to me. In fact he always blamed me for his actions. So I lowered my standards for this dirt bag by sending him naked pics and videos. I thought it would prove to him I really cared for him and that he was the man for me. I felt a little upset when I snapped the photo of me naked. He begged me to send him more and more graphic material and I did because I thought he wanted me. I was being controlled mentally and manipulated. He had me and knew it. So I asked for pictures and videos and he only sent one video. I asked him for pictures of his face and he didn’t send me anything. I thought it was strange that I was sending all this stuff to him and he was sending me nothing. He always told me how busy he was and that he didn’t have time to tAlk. So we mostly texted. I admit I didn’t know much about him. But I thought he would warm up to me once we met in person. So the worst part of this is that I was a virgin and never kissed a guy. Am a beautiful woman but I been a writer for years and never socialized in person much mostly online and over the phone was my relationships. So I told him and he was happy to be the first guy. Now the night came and I went to go met him. I was in a casino and was looking frantically for him for over a hour. I didn’t have my phone on me so I was asking random people if I could call my boyfriend. So we finally met up and he was much shorter in person and wasn’t as good looking as in his pictures. He was still very fit but had some weight to lose. I didn’t care though I loved him regardless. I gave him a big hug and we walked out to his car I had my dad tAke me cause he loves to play poker and so I said I want you to meet my dad before we leave. He then said no let’s do it when we get back. I then said that’s fine. And went with him. We planned to have sex and I told him what I would and wouldn’t do in bed. I asked if he had condoms and lube a week before meeting and he said yes and that he was ready to go. He claimed he wanted me for more then sex but I was deceived. He just wanted to use me and then dump me off. Anyways we get in his car and we start talking, then I start flirting with him and holding his hand he smiles. He sounds so sweet and am so glad we met. We get to his place and he lives at the top apartment. He opens the door and his place is tiny. 1 bedroom small living space bathroom and kitchen. So I had this little bag and it had my lingerie in it. So I went in the bathroom to put it on . I wasn’t nervous I was excited. He had his boxers on and I went right into his bed. He loved my but and said oh la la. He lit a candle I thought that was romantic. He got in the bed and I grabbed him immediately to kiss him. It was electric. It was passionate and I could of done that for hours. Then he pulled away and showed me his penis. This was suppose to be about me and him making my first time special.but it was all about him and I should of knew that from the start. I gave him oral and it was not as gross and people make it to be. Then after that he got on top of me and I told him I loved him. He didn’t say anything. So he started to put it in and am on my back. I scream loudly and tell him it hurts. He says relax I don’t got it in that much relax your legs. He was always blaming me. So he persisted and I kept telling him it still hurt.I screamed and cried but he just looked at me and said what? And one point I screamed so loud he said said sush to me. I tried to get up and said I had to pee he said no no let me finish first. I was devastated. He was in the wrong place the whole time. He didn’t get me wet first, he didn’t wear a condom or use lube he was a complete monster and so I relaxed my legs and gave up. The pain was unbearable. It was the most humiliating nightmares I ever lived through. After that he smoked some weed, broke up with me and dumped me off like I was a prostitute. I gave him my virginity and he was my first kiss. I told my dad on the way back home and he was very upset. I went to the hospital the next day. I filed a police report. I found out I was bruised after a physical exam was done I saw the pictures and was horrified. Am sharing my story to tell other women to not meet men online. There are many rapist on there waiting for sweet women like us to fall in their trap. This man is named Chris Nader he lives in Henderson Nevada he is 27 years old he works at the light night club in Las Vegas. Don’t trust him he is a rapist. I never want another woman to fall in his trap. He injured me emotionally, mentally physically and spiritually. Don’t let this happen to you. You deserve to know. Also he claimed to break up with me because i told him I loved him. Three times on the phone I told him I loved him so he already knew that. He never wanted a relationship with me just to rape me and go on to the next woman. 🙁 don’t let it be you next time.

— Survivor, age 29


  • Alissa Ackerman
  • Heather


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