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I Thought I was Safe

I was in class and I thought I was safe. It was my freshman year of high school and it was the week of finals. We didn’t have a final in that class so all of us got to play games. I sat next to him bc my friend was friends w/ him and I thought he was nice. everyone at school knows he’s a big time stoner. he was drinking alcohol in class but no one saw. he put his hand on my leg and I froze. he was a junior. i scooted my chair away bc I just thought it was an accident but his hand was on my leg again. I started to shake. I kept moving my chair away but I couldn’t move. he was gripping my leg tight and he started to rub up and down my thigh. I tried to tell him to stop but he wouldn’t. The guy sitting across the table from me didn’t notice or pretended not to notice anything was wrong. It went on for two hours. He didn’t put his fingers inside of me but he just kept rubbing up and down my thighs and he wouldn’t stop moaning. I was crying the whole time bur no one noticed and I was so scared. The bell finally rang and he got up and I tried to run out of the class but he grabbed my wrist and slapped my ass and grabbed it and said “it’s mine.”
I didn’t tell anyone.
2 months later he raped another girl at my school. He actually raped her. I feel like it’s all my fault because if I had told someone then she wouldn’t have been raped.

— Ariana, age 15


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