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I Trusted Him

When I was a teenager, I would stay out past curfew a lot. My mother was at her wits end with me. She constantly expressed her disappointment. At one point she said to me “you are going to end up pregnant.” When I turned 18, I signed up for the military. A month before I went to boot camp, I went to a friend’s house. There were two males living there, both of them went to high school with me. One of them was an ex-boyfriend and the other was dating my best friend. The four of us were there along with a few other people. It was not a large party, there were less than 10 people there but there was alcohol. I had a few beers along with everyone else. After my third, I started to feel extremely tired, almost blacking out. He led me upstairs to a bed so I could sleep, or so he told me. I woke up the next morning with no pants or underwear on and just my shirt. He was naked next to me in the bed. I was terrified, and upset. I have never blacked out after only three beers. There had to have been some type of drug in the drink. There is no way I would have blacked out with so little alcohol.

— Kathleen

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  • Alissa Ackerman


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