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I Trusted Him

I was 15 at the time. He was 17. We had been dating for about six months, when he started to ask for sex. Being young I would say no. He would accept it normally. Sometimes he would touch me in places I didn’t want to be touched. I would say stop and he would. Things would go back as they had been. It was a Friday night and we were at his friends house for his b day party. I had to go use the bathroom, so I went upstairs. He followed me and told me he wanted to show me something. I said okay. And he lead me into his friends bed room. He closed and locked the door behind us and u said what are you doing?! He said do you want to have sex with me? I said no. He said well if you loved me you would want to make love to me. And he said if I didn’t have oral sex with home that minute we were breaking up. I said okay but just oral. He agreed. Me being so young and naive thought he was the one for me. He was popular, smart cute and was captAin of the football team. I didn’t want to lose him. So, back to the story. Be pulled down his pants and said for me to suck it. I did reluctantly. Then he told me to undress. He gave me a massage and he roached me and we made out. He asked if I enjoyed it and I said of course. Then he told me to lie on the bed with him and I did we talked for a few minute and then he went in his friends drawer and pulled out a condemn. He said we are going to have sex and I will take it slow. You will enjoy it. I said no! He started to force himself inside of me. I cried and pleaded for him to get off of me. But he didn’t listen. He raped me. We broke up a week after this happened and I had one of my best guy friends tell him me and that guy friend are now engaged and have a child together. I got over the fact that be hurt me in a way that I can’t mend or mask. However I know have a life that I wouldn’t give for the world!😀


  • Brandi
  • Ashley


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