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I want to Call it what it IS!

I am a Business Major at a prestigious University in Eastern Pennsylvania.
I do drink, not usually too heavy, and only on the weekend.
This weekend, I had a mixed drink that was stronger than it seemed.
I went over my, I thought, friend’s apartment, and had a beer to get the taste out of my mouth. I collapsed on the couch, unfortunately, I didn’t pass out.
He took my clothes off. As he did, I couldn’t stand up, and all I could think of was say “NO” over and over.

He did not “Take Advantage”
That sounds like a foxy business deal!
“Against my Will” sounds like I was Waffling.
Did he Talk me Into it?

It was Rape.
He Raped me, because I was too drunk to resist.
Not only did I not Consent, he Raped me while I said NO.
He held me down the whole time and Raped me. He listened to me say NO from the start until he was done Raping me.
He Raped me by penetrating my vagina, violating my person, and inseminating me while I objected.
Can’t he get a woman without Rape? Can’t I be asked, or is it skip to Rape?

No Silence, Share.

— Chris, age 21


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