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I Was 3 Years Old

He was 12, my father’s younger brother. He was my friend, my playmate, my love. It was very traumatic. Still is, more than 60 years later. I finally told my parents a few years before they died. He was at their funeral. I’m still unable to talk about it with most relatives. I make excuses for him: he was only 12…

My sister knows and won’t forgive me because I never confronted him. She was raped when she was 20. I was 21. Her rapist used a plastic bag and her story is similar to Linor’s. In a car, in a foreign country. He tried to strangle her. She told me about it when she came back home. I didn’t know what to do. She made me swear I wouldn’t tell my mother. I still don’t know if my mother ever knew. Listening to “Brave Miss World”, I felt guilty for not having been there for my sister after she was raped. But then I remembered I too, had been a victim of sexual violence. I was an innocent toddler and I’m stuck with this pain. Thanks for this documentary and this Website. Thanks for listening.

— Survivor, Age 65

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