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I was molested and raped at 6

I was taken away from my mother and father at 6 years old. I lived in three different family members’ homes. The last home I moved to, terrible things happened. I was abused physically, from slapping to being punched in the face. Emotionally, from being told my parents were pieces of shit, to being told i was not loved, and sexually, from being touched to being raped. All within 10 months, 3 different family members molested me. One of them had woken me up one night and raped me. He was 13. My aunt’s husband’s son had touched me in my private and made me touch him and perform oral on him. He told me it was okay and not to tell anyone. I was placed back with my mom and I never told her. After years of not telling anyone, I told my current boyfriend and he’s the only one who knows. I didn’t realize it was sexual assault and rape until I was 15. I still have nightmares about it and I’m 18 now.
Never be afraid to tell someone. I’m still learning how to be okay with telling people.


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