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I Was Only 14

My name is Beth. I was 14 years old when I was token advantage of by a guy I thought loved me. He was very sweet at first but he wanted more. I was willing the first time. I felt I was too young. One day he really wanted it and I said I wasn’t into it. He got really upset and held me down. He hurt me and raped me at the age of 14. It continued for a year straight. I didn’t know how to stop him or tell someone. Until one day, I was in my room and he came over and said he wanted some. At the point, I got used to being punched and thrown around, so I did what he said. And I started crying and it’s started to hurt so I screamed an told him it hurt and he kept going. My mom heard me and came running to my rescue. Screaming and throwing him off me and making him leave. That’s when it came out. I ended pregnant with a little girl. I decided to keep her. But one day after school I walked to his house and decided that I could finally stand up to him and say I am done. I told him he wasn’t seeing our daughter. He beat me and raped me yet again. That night I came home, I hid from my mom and I felt like I was going into labor. I did. But when I got to the hospital I had her and when she came out, she was still born. I lost the only thing to help me get through life. I left him finally. I was scared. I tried to press charges against him but it didn’t work. My dad loved the guy, so my dad told the cops I lied and he got away with not only raping me for so long but hurting our daughter. I’m 19 years old and I still can’t get over it. And my rapist try to talk to me everyday.

— Survivor, age 19


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