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I Was Only a Child

I was only a child. I was 10 years old, at a New Years party, with my friend and dad. Out of nowhere a man approached me. He started talking like we were old friends. He knew my name. He said he was a partner of a kid at my primary school, and knew me when I was young. I didn’t want to be rude, so I pretending I knew him, convincing myself I did, but had just forgotten. He said he had a surprise for me and to follow him, so I did. He led me into the back room and said before he gets the surprise he asked me to please tie his shoe lace, which was undone, because he had a bad back. I said sure!

I got on my knees, and tied his shoe lace, but before I could stand up, he grabbed my hand, and held it over his crutch. I asked him what he was doing and that I had to go, but he told me this was all part of the game, this was the surprise. I was confused, and tried to pull my hand away – but he pulled out his crutch and as I opened my mouth in shock. To scream. He shoved his crutch into my mouth and gabbed the back of my hair, forcing me back and forth, to suck him off. I gagged and felt like I was going to choke and die. But just before I even register what was happening he came. He held my nose, making me swallow and then just left. I was shocked.

At the time, I didn’t know it was wrong. I didn’t tell anybody. I was upset a lot, and my parents had recently split up, so I blamed my sadness on them. You are the first people I’ve told, a whole 7 years later.

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  • Alissa Ackerman


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