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I Was Prepared

After my divorce, I moved to protect myself. I got a .32 automatic and took NRA lessons to qualify. I clipped a holster to the side of my purse for access. I had a CS(tear gas), military grade(illegal in my state, but who checks?), clipped to my strap. I took self-defense. I had a small punch dagger on my key chain. My ex has a restraining order, and we had no kids, so no reason for contact anyway.
Tonight I met a new contact from a site at a local Indian restaurant, a nice public place. It was a delicious dinner, and nice conversation, but no chemistry honestly. He offered to ride me home, but I didn’t want him to know my address, and I did kiss him Good Night, but I felt like it was Good Bye. I went for the Trolley, which almost takes me to my door.
The brick trolley stop is in the back of parking, but it is in sight of a major Y intersection. It was still light out. I was alert, looking around, no phone, magazine, music, or game. My keys and dagger were in 1 hand, while my purse was held at my side.
The masked man came around the side of the stop, with a gun pointed right at my face, leaving me very scared. He kicked my purse away. I am rather sure by the voice, it was the same guy. He walked me behind the stop, where I tripped and lost my keys. He got what he wanted. I heard my trolley go by, but no one stopped it to get off so it just rode by, and even the next went by as he continued. He told me to lie, face down and quiet until he was well gone.
It was now dark, and I lost the keys, and he got my purse and gun, and my address, cards, and maybe keys. My clothes were dirty, and stained, ripped but wearable. I went back to the restaurant and called the Police. The Detective checked his Social, and she said it was Private, and there was no person of that name in the town he said he was from, and his phone was off, as was mine. At least I have plenty of DNA evidence, if we can find him. The Local Police are watching my townhouse, and I have a friend staying over.

– Jan, age 26


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