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I was raped

I was standing at a bus stop when suddenly I was grabbed from behind. I was dragged into an alley and choked until I blacked out. when I came to , I was in a room , naked and some man was on top of me . He grabbed me by the throat and choked me several times as he sexually tortured me for the next several hours. He told me many times that he wasn’t sure he was gong to let me go. Finally ,he told me that he was going to have to kill me but he wasn’t through with me yet. At that point, I went limp and played dead. He shook me by the throat and slammed me down , then he put his clothes on and went out. I waited until I was sure he was gone , then I grabbed my clothes and ran outside. I got dressed in an alley and I ran all the way to the bus terminal, got on the bus and went home. My mother was alive back then and when I told her what happened , she took me to the emergency room where they did a rape kit on me. They took hairs from my head , put a cotton swap in my mouth and out a womb scraper inside me to check for evidence. When all that was over , the cop told me that there was nothing he could do because there was no evidence. My attacker told him that everything he had done to me was consentual and it was my word against the attacker so the cops let him go free . I don’t know what ever happenend to my attacker.


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