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I was sexually assaulted

Two years ago when I moved to LA, I never thought that my life would change forever in one second. One night i got home to find my roommate with a couple of friends drinking and partying. Just wanting to finally connect with my roommate I drank, I honestly don’t remember much about that night. I do remember this random guy coming into my bedroom and sexually assaulting me up until the next morning when i got up to leave and was pushed down multiple times. When I went to the police I felt like they never believed me, and up until this day my rape kit and case sit on a never-ending shelf on never getting any answers. My assault was a stranger assault. Thankfully I had the support of family and close friends, but i still never wanted to get out of bed or would get panic attacks for no reason whatsoever. To this day I still get horrible nightmares that lead to panic attacks. I would bury my feelings and the whole incident because I just wanted to forget until one day I decided I needed help to deal with the trauma. I will never fully be who I was back before my assault but, I continue to strive to be happy with who I am, as well as knowing it wasn’t my fault. If you’re reading this I want you to know I believe you. You are going to be alright and no matter what you are amazing & deserve to be happy.

— Brittany, age 20


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