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I Was Stupid

I was at a small party one night, and got super drunk. I didn’t think I had drank that much, so it makes me wonder if someone put something in my drink because of how fucked up I got. Anyway, this guy was all over me all night. I can’t remember everything that happened, but I remember waking up and he had his hand down my panties and he wouldn’t quit touching me. When I woke up he stopped but then when I’d wake up again he was doing the same thing. Then he grabbed my hand and kept putting it down his pants. And I kept trying to move my hand away but he would grab it again and literally force me to touch his junk. I don’t even know if this is considered sexual assault or anything, I just can’t stop thinking about it because it makes me feel so gross and violated and it just is bothering me. And I feel so stupid that I got so drunk that I couldn’t even make him stop doing what he was doing.


  • Alexis
  • Wendy Pattison


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