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I wish I would have been smarter

I was seventeen. I had met a guy through a friend, he was much older than I was, I was a minor. I had been taken to a bar, his friend didn’t bother to check my I.D as I was with his good friend. I was then taken to his bartender friend, only that bartender served us drinks. Everything happened so fast, I barely remember even having more than two drinks. The next thing I know I am at this guys house stripped down. No one knew where I was, I don’t know if it was even just him and I. I remember I passed out on a bed and then when I awoke in the morning. I was sore were I shouldn’t have been…I was completely naked in this guys house. I felt sick and fuzzy not similar to a hangover but much worse than that like I had been drugged. I feel sick that happened to me, that I still don’t know everything that happened and I am scared that there was more than one.
I have ignored it most of my life. I feel gross that I even allowed a situation like that happen to myself. I haven’t ever told anyone. I never let it ruin my life but I cant say I don’t relive my mistakes or how I got my self in such a horrible situation.

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