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I’m getting Married tomorrow

It happened the afternoon before my Wedding.
I met a client at a Bar and Grill.
Afterward, my car battery was Dead.
I ran into an Ex-Boyfriend, who offered me a Ride home.
He said he wanted to give me something for my Wedding.
We pulled in around the back of my Apartment.
He made some crude Suggestions, which I Refused.
He reclined my seat, and got to Molest me.
I repeated, “No, No, No!” and fought him.
He climbed in my seat, and Pulled at my Clothes.
I Screamed.
He Hit me.
I was Losing, so I Pleaded that he Not Rape me.
He said, “No.”
I asked him to at least use a Condom.
He said, “No.”
I Screamed as he Raped me.
I Pleaded for him to Pull Out.
He said, “No.”
He Inseminated me.
Someone took some Incriminating looking Pictures.
His attack continued.
He took some Pics of my Naked body.
He let me go Home.
The Incriminating pictures were sent to His Girlfriend.
His Girlfriend forwarded them to My Fiancé.
My Ex sent his pics to My Fiancé and other Friends, and my Job.
I went to get my Ripped Clothes off, and Shower.
My Wedding was Called off before I could finish.
It took a Month to Convince him it was Rape not Cheating.
We Rescheduled with the Justice in a Month.
My Boss made some Crude Jokes about the pics.
My Boss gave me Extra Days off for a Honeymoon.
Just 2 weeks before the Wedding, I found out.
I was Pregnant.
I had No Wedding.
I had a lot of Unwanted Propositions.
I had Chronic Depression.
I had my Life Destroyed.
I Hope Sharing will Help.

– Sheri, age 29


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