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I’m Not Easy

It happened on April 10, 2017. I hadn’t been with anybody since a hard breakup a year before. I was finally moving on and I started talking to this boy. We flirted often and texted constantly. Finally, we were hanging out. He even introduced himself to my mom and I thought he seemed like a gentleman. I met his parents then we were off to his bedroom to play xbox and watch movies. That’s where I was stupid and should’ve left. Within 5 minutes of me meeting this boy in person, he said he wanted to change into something more comfortable. Without a breath, he pulled his pants off and I noticed he had no underwear on and he was hard. He planned for this to happen. He put on shorts and got comfortable on the bed. I chose to ignore it and I laid by him. Next thing I knew, he was forcing his hand down my pants. I kept pushing him away but he didn’t care. He pulled down my pants and started rubbing his bare self on me. I mentally zoned out and he was aware. He kept calling me rude names, choking me. He told me I was “lucky” he had no condoms or he would’ve taken it further. This lasted for hours, but what happened didn’t sink in until I sat alone in class that night. My best friend kept asking what was wrong but I refused to admit the harsh reality of what had happened. About a month later, I reported the situation and I am finally recovering in December 2017. I’ve started getting harsh flashbacks and it never leaves my mind, but I am glad I spoke out and helped myself where I needed it. I refuse to be alone with a boy since then, let alone flirt with one. I guess I should work on that.

— Survivor, age 17


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