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I’m Over Reacting

My best friend was held back when we were in first grade because her parents split up, and her mom thought she could use a fresh start. I would often go to her house after school because it was the only way I could see her.
She had a huge family. Her older sister was really smart and cool, her older brother smart and funny, and her younger brother was super annoying.she had more siblings, but they had moved out.
Since I would stay there after school and her mom was busy, her older brother would watch us (her older sister would get out of school later). She would watch TV and I would go up to her room and play. Her brother would go up too, and follow me in. He would set me down on her bed and feel under my shirt, begging me to take it off. This happened, maybe, 5 times. Once he even did it in front of my friend, but neither of us knew what was going on. He would bribe me with candy, and offer money. I always said no, but I never told anyone.
It was years later when my mom sat down with me and asked if I had any secrets that I didn’t tell her, in a joking way. She wasn’t expecting it when I broke down immediately and cried for nearly an hour. I told her what happened, and she was appropriately concerned. She asked if he did anything else, and I lied and said no. I had been ashamed about when he had “Stretched” and shown me himself, and when he pretended to be Santa and told me to sit on his lap in front of everyone, making me touch him in at an angle that they couldn’t see.
I over reacted. Not really even sure why I’m typing it. I guess I just want someone to know the full story.


  • tina robbins
  • Alissa Ackerman


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