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I’m Still Here… Wish For Peace

My name is Amber. I am 30 years old, from San Diego CA. I feel I should share my story. I have been followed and stalked by a pedophile since I was 11 years old. He is from Fresno CA. His name is Rosendo R. Rodriguez. This man forced me to take nude photos as a minor the police wanted me to convict him when I was in high school. He tried to molest/harass me multiple times while I was a minor. He is far older than me and was well over 18 when I was 11. He also had attempted and raped me. That was the final straw. He still continues to stalk me, make fake profiles of me. Just won’t stop. He is dangerous. He should be in prison serving years for the crimes he’s committed but our corrupt system keeps letting him free. Free to harass and bother people who wish he would go away. Not bother them again.


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