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I’m tired of hiding what you did

The basics: I had fallen asleep on the basement rec room sofa watching movies. I woke up to a man in a ninja outfit on top of me with a knife to my throat, removing my panties. He was inside me before my head had cleared.
Apparently, this was not enough, and he needed to remove his gloves to feel my chest properly. I recognized the scar on the back of his wrist. I kept the observation to myself as he did the deed.
The only thing I hoped was he wouldn’t come in me. More disappointment, and he had to do that to me also.
He told me to keep that our little secret.

It was weeks of worry, about getting STDs, or pregnant, that I kept that anything happened to myself, not protecting you, who did nothing to protect me, your sister.
I know it was Luke, and I can’t say it, but I can write it. This is searchable, there will be more posts.
Live without your secret, like I have to.

-Roberta, age 16


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