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I just watched your documentary yesterday and I am glad to see some one CAN speak out and hear people stories.

I am a 46 year old French woman who was walking in the streets of upper west side of Manhattan on May 16th when a man dining outside a restaurant with two of his male friends talked me in to having a glass of wine with them.

He is in his mid 60’s and looks rich, I thought I would seat down nod get to know them as I was bored and lonely in this big city all alone.

I ended up in his apartment as he was begging about how fantastic the view was from his luxurious place and about his rare champagne from France….and I fell into his trap!

I remember throwing up the minute I drunk his champagne and rushed to the restrooms to throw up! Then I woke up too less in his bed with a major headache!! But I only had one glass of wine and one glass of champagne?!?!

It only hit me when I shard my story with a friend who told me for sure I had been drugged and rapped!!! That was one week later! Too late to do a drug testing then, I did go to police and they laugh at me….
So I tried to forget but had a nervous breakdown the following month when I went back home to France!

I know his name, his dress and there is nothing I can do as he is. Rich elite and untouchable man! He has a doorman who is in it as when I came back trying to talk to him, he wouldn’t let me see him and took his name tag off when I was filming him with my video pen…I called him saying I know what he did to me and he denied and hung up. I did a report in NYC police but my file is among millions with no following.

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