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In The Past

I started dating my boyfriend when I was 18 years old. He seemed really nice, caring and I loved him the way you do as a fresh 18 year old. He quickly started to change and began showing controlling traits. I thought this was normal as this was my first relationship and I was a virgin.

I slept with him thinking we wouldn’t break up. I trusted him and I thought he respected me. One day at my house, we had a fight because I didn’t want to have sex. He complained, saying I acted like we were married. He then took matters into his own hands and raped me. I went into shock and froze.

I have since told my family, friends and boyfriend. I don’t feel embarrassed to talk about it as I, or no other woman, did anything to deserve such disrespect. I am trying to put it in my past as much as possible and I can feel that I am healing. A few of my friends have also been through it. For the first time, for a long time, I feel glad to be alive.

I have so much respect for all women who have been through any form of physical and sexual assault. Women are such strong people to get through this, and if you are going through a hard patch right, know you will get through it.

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  • Alissa Ackerman


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