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was victimized by my brother from age 8 – 14. He was 14-19 years old. I hid these memories until I was 55 and learned that he had also assaulted my younger sister and another younger sister. I was diagnosed with PTSD and have been in counseling for over two years. I was finally able to forgive myself for not telling, not screaming for it to stop, he had told me if I let him do as he wanted to me he would not hurt my baby sister, but he did hurt them anyway.

I am learning to use my voice, and to deal with my trauma. 8 sisters and two brothers. The oldest brother nearly killed my older sister trying to rape her, my next older sister was victimized by my father, my next sister was sexually assaulted by the same brother as me. Two sisters, the very oldest and the very youngest have no memories. I am a survivor, we all are.

I was luck enough to be invited to the showing of the documentary Brave Miss World. Thank you for sharing your story, for standing up and screaming for ALL the victims everywhere. God bless you.

– Wanita


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