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One evening in June about a year ago, I went to bed without checking my tempermental back door lock. I got into bed and heard a noise like a magazine falling to the floor….and attributed it to one of my many cats. One of my cats, Shanti raised her head and staired at the bedroom doorway. I disregarded her even when she began to growl. Finally after a few minutes I got up from my bed and put my bathrobe on. As I ventured into the hallway to prove to Shanti that nothing was wrong I saw the figure of a man at the other end of the hallway. He said to me ” I want you.” I couldn’t believe this was real as I also realized he was half naked from the waist down. I shouted ” Get out of my house!”
He came towards me and I tried to run away but was blocked. He tackled me to the floor and tried to kiss me and penetrate me. I screamed at the top of my lungs and struggled with all my might. He turned me over and held me in the handcuff position while he wrapped a sheet around my head. He began to penetrate me and I continued to struggle. He shouted obcenities at me and began to hit me forcefully. I remembered a metal doorstop at the door nearest me. I thought I could break my hand free and try to grab it to defend myself. He was able to grab the doorstop before me and he used it on me as he struck my head and shoulder repeatedly. After the third or fourth hit I realized the rape was not the primary issue anymore, but that he could kill me. I pleaded for my life and begged him not to kil me. At this point he was unable to keep his erection and became very angry and frustrated. I began to bargain with him to allow me to live. For some reason I will attribute to spiritual reasons, he took the money in my wallet and shoved me down the hallway as he left my home. I called the police and locked myself in the bedroom in fear and hysteria.


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