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It can happen to boys too!

I had been seeing this girl for over three months and other than kissing, I just wasn’t ready for anything else. We had that discussion and she told me she understood. This girl waited and waited for the perfect moment to strike. With my mom away, she thought it would be an awesome opportunity to have an entire weekend of movies and just hanging out. She asked me if she could try something funny with me. I had no idea what she was up to other than telling me it was a surprise. I allowed her to blind fold me. She then asked me to lay down on my bed and relax. Very quickly she was able to restrain both of my hands to the bedboard with one click. Next she strapped my legs down completely spread. That was when her personality completely changed. I started yelling for her to let me go but she just placed tape over my mouth to keep me quiet. She then sexually tortured me for over eight hours that day by attaching devices on my body, putting some inside of my body and even causing me excruciating pain by assaulting my privates for hours. No one could hear my screams or cries. She completely took advantage of me in such a way that she became to most evil human being I’d ever met. She left me there when she was done with me and it took me over two hours to free myself. I even had to take a trip to the hardware store in order to cut a device off of myself. She had take. The keys with her when she left. I wanted to end my life. I even almost tried. That was 15 years ago and although I will never truly get over it, I can say that I’m now happily married to a beautiful girl and now we have a daughter that’s an absolute blessing. Bed things happen, but great things happen too!

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