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It wasn’t my fault

It was my friends staggett and we crashed at her house after a fun night of celebrating her upcoming marriage.

I fell asleep on her couch only to be awoken around 5:30am by her fiancé trying to unbutton my pants. I froze at that moment trying to figure out a way to get out of the situation without causing to much of a stir. I finally found the nerve to ask him what time it was and while acting like nothing weird was happening to push past him and bolt from the house leaving everything including my shoes behind.
I have never told anyone and we still hang out with that couple from time to time.
I understand that it’s complicated to understand if it’s never happened to you but it’s wired how you act out of character just to avoid the situation.
It makes me very sad that we take on the shame.

— Survivor, age 40

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