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Its Got To STOP!

My story and experiences of what I’ve been enduring for over a year now is so fantastic that even I have a hard time getting my mind around it. I am a Caregiver that has worked for the same employer for almost 8 years now. She has a professional Conservator and a lawyer that keep very well insulated as far as her finances go. She is very wealthy, and is in very good physical health. She is 93 and has dementia.

I am at her home with her 96 hours a week. My schedule begins on Monday at noon and I remain here at her home until Friday at noon. I spend the night here, and the total hours I am on-duty are 96 per week.

I’m not sure where to begin, and trying to go over all the details and circumstances would take writing a book. I’ll try to just be as factual based, and important information based as possible. I firmly believe that there are several people involved in this on-going assault. These men are also employees that work in this very upscale neighbor. They include some of the staff of the golf course maintenance staff, the gardeners that work directly behind my employers home, and possibly the son of the same home that employs the gardeners at their home.

I’ve called the police SEVERAL times, and complained about people trespassing on the property, and getting on the roof of the house. I have complained several times to the Conservator who oversees everything regarding my employer and her property. I have complained several times in writing to the General Manager of the golf course that the property is located on. To no avail, no one believes me or the other issue is my credibility. At some point, law enforcement decided that I am a drug user and my claims are the result of drug induced paranoia. When I did attempt to complain in details and went as far as getting a rape exam at the hospital, the doctor told the police that I had methamphetimine in my system and everything I claimed did not happen. I took a thick file of logs I kept of the accidents that were happening. When I met with the detective, he told me my claims were the result of sleep apnea and drug use. He threw my file in the garbage when I attempted to get it back. So, here I am more than a year later, dealing with the same issue. I have collected more evidence: the gardeners work gloves left in the yard, screen shots of one of the perpetrators ordering colonopin online from Canada. I recognized one of the employees on the golf course maintenance staff as a TWICE convicted sex offender online. I have screen shots of this too.

These men are very savvy at what they do, and they are very organized. They work in teams and have mastered their entire routine. I am very sure I am not the only woman they are doing this to. There is so much more detail I could go over but it’s just exhausting. I just want to be safe, and I want these men to get caught and sent in to jail, that is where they belong. But, law enforcement has put their resources and energy into investigating me instead of the claims that I have made.

The most recent incident happened last night. I was ready to turn in for the night and poured myself a cup of milk. As soon as I swallowed the last bit of milk, I tasted a very bitter medicine in my mouth, and I knew it had been tainted. I collected my employer, and we went to my house to sleep over night because I know as soon as I fall asleep, it’s nearly impossible to wake me up. This is from the tranquilizers I am unwittingly given. I have had yeast infections for no known reason. It usually happens just days after I suspect I have been assaulted. I also believe that these perpetrators are sadistic and have used pliers to clamp down on my left big toe nail and my left thumb nail. I have found the pliers in the house where they should not be. The cats are spooked all the time, and they are most likely entering the house when I go to the grocery store. The windows are mysteriously unlocked, tampered with and i have found the screens partially removed more than a few times.
This morning, I found the bathroom window unlocked and a white powdery substance on the bathroom counter.

I have collected. This and the milk and I am going to have a private lab test it for toxicology. I will continue to document what I can and collect evidence. But, I don’t know who to give it to because the police aren’t interested and refuse to do anything.

I need help to stop this nightmare. I can’t quit my job. My employer needs me and I need my job. Any suggestions would help. Please….I need help.

— Carol


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