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Junior Prom

Asked out to Junior Prom is supposed to be Great, am I wrong?
This guy was not my choice, and I mainly went to, basically Go.
I was in a new dress, hair, and lots of make-up.
We had a dismal time there. He said a lot of creepy things. I mostly hung out with the girls. Pretty much we were in the same room.
His only advantage as a man was he had a car, and it was a long ride from my house there, and a longer one to go home after!

He stopped in the lot of some closed stores. He demanded to make out for his trouble! He thought that was his right, because traditionally you were supposed to lose your virginity at the Junior Prom! I pointed out that was the Prom, it’s not a Requirement, and I am not a…..Interested.

He leaned over to kiss me, and I kissed back a little, basically to pay for the ride home. I thought it was a mistake at the time.
He continued for more, and got rough. He pulled my hair, my private parts, and my dress, and went to hit me a couple of times. Rather than my dress being destroyed, ending beaten, and left in a bad neighborhood, after being raped, I settled on skipping to the rape part.
I tried to choke back puking as he forced intercourse, and then thought Why, it’s not My car, and allowed that also!
I waited for him to finish this, and though I asked him not to, he ejaculated inside me, and I was ready to get up, but he continued to have another go. I wished to die before he finished, but it was ungranted.
At the least I guess I earned the ride home. He wanted a kiss goodnight as well!

I did not tell my parents for fear of being banned from future events, which also saved him from the police. I called him to inform him if any claim of sex returned to my ears, it would be the cops checking on it.
I only told 2 good friends it happened, and I didn’t want to admit he was intimate. They understood, and agreed, they wouldn’t want it known either!
Until now, only my doctor and I knew he got me pregnant! I lost it, and that is lost to miscarry early in the Summer. So except for a lot of pain, my luck could be changing?

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