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Just a Kid

was 14 years old, I was walking home from school in the middle of summer, my dress went past my knees and was like a sack, there was nothing provocative about me. I stopped in at a bathroom at the local park. All I needed was to pee. I didn’t hear him enter, God I didn’t hear him. I came out of the toilet and there he was, he told me that he’d show me what happens to bad girls. I tried to fight as he grabbed me, but he pushed me backwards and I hit him my head so hard on the sink, I was stunned and that’s when everything happened, I cried and screamed but no one heard me, no one helped. I went home afterwards and showered about 6 times. I was dirty, I hated myself. I developed depression and EDNOS as a result. I was sick and dying from what happened, and ashamed. 3 years later, I spoke out, I became strong, a survivor not a victim anymore. I’m still alive and fighting back.


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