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Just Me………

I was supposed to be a part of the interviews for the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center, but for some reason that did not pan out, so here I am….

My story is probably one of many, but I was a child who was repeatedly molested, and unfortunately grew up to also be raped as an adult.

All of my offenders were known to me…it is funny, but people seem to believe that must be easier….I have been told that “at least you knew your abuser.” Wow!!! No words have ever been farther from the truth! These are people that you have grown to love and trust, and when they turn on you, it is nothing less than horrifying!! There is no up and down – no front and back. Your mind just cannot fathom the pain that is being inflicted. As a matter of fact, my five year old mind COULDN’T fathom it, and it shut down for years. No memories whatsoever! Only the rape brought it back in bits and pieces…

I will not go into the details – just want to get it out there that you CANNOT recover alone! No amount of time will ever make it go away or make it better…PLEASE seek help! I believe that my life was literally saved by getting help from the CRCC…if not for them, I would have probably ended it…..

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