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Just Wanted to Escape

I am seventeen years old and I’m just beginning to heal. It was over a month ago when it happened. It was a Sunday night at a local festival of sorts in the city. The previous night I had ventured out with my bestfriend, but we were told off that morning by my mother for staying out too late and worrying her. While my mum was giving out to me, my brother butt in, saying I was being cheeky and calling me many names. After a short while I gave up arguing with him, as he thinks he is an authorative figure in my life and has the right to tell me how to behave. I left the house. My friend was still sitting in the dining room with my mother as I got dressed and left. I began to walk out towards my city, twenty minutes away by car, but I tool a turn left instead. I walked for about two hours out this vaguely familiar Road until I reached a local village.
It was there where I called my then-ex boyfriend. He picked me up and we went to his friends house, although it did not happen there, they are decent people. When he dropped me home it was close to ten o clock in the evening and he was one of the few last people to see me.
My father came home from work shortly after and came to talk to me about the days incident. While talking to me I was getting ready to go out. I was fully dressed in clubbing attire with my makeup perfect, tan on, only needed my hair to do. I had only decided ten minutes or so previously that u was going to head out, before that my intentions were bed and sleep.
I asked my dad for a cigarette as he usually does hand me one secretly behind my mums back, but this time he refused. I left shortly thereafter, forgetting my phone in my haste to leave. I walked to my local, asked about the bus and the bartender told me that someone I had known from school was waiting outside for a lift into the same place I was heading. So I bummed a ride off him and his girlfriend. When I got there I headed towards the club where there was a silent disco

I actually wish that I could say here is where it happened so as I would have had witnesses to prove that it had happened. But sadly I made the mistake of mixing drink with medication. As I left the club I was heavily drunk. My friends had left me which upset me so I walked up and down the same Street several times and missed my bus. It was roughly four in the morning and the place was still busy. I went halves with a nice, politely drunk man close to my age and we parted ways. I then went to the closest takeaway and sat down on a chair outside it and blacked out, according to a group of teenagers who dragged me back up and draped me on the chair. The offered me their phone to use or they said they could call an ambulance? But I completely shut them down at the mention of one. Because my dad was a paramedic and I already thought I was in too much trouble.

I passed a man in his early twenties who I began to talk to. He said I could crash on the couch in his friends apartment. I was not in the right state of mind for making decisions so I just went with it. I walked with him to meet his friend and then we continued to his apartment. B I went in the elevator with his friend while the guy I first met went by the stairs. His friend began to kiss me in the elevator which made me uncomfortable as I came out but then again I wasn’t making good decisions that night the worst decision was to follow; to actually cross that threshold with these men who I never met previous, was the biggest mistake of my life.

It happened shortly after. I climbed into bed with his friend and.then he began to try it on with me. And he succeeded. The worst bit was when his friend walked in on us, but instead of shutting the door.. He let himself in and started up in me too. At some stage the two of them were forcing themselves upon me, it was horrible. They would scrape at my skin pinch. Slap. Grab, and one of them nibbled my fucking ear. It hurt so badbthat at one stage I managed to scream. I aggressively wrapped myself up in blankets. Desperately trying to cover myself. More happened but I don’t want to continue, I have already told the police and they don’t seem to care or believe me anyway. I was so ashamed and it broke my parents hearts.

Now I am getting help, I know people love and care about me, and I know that I will he damaged and hurt for a long time to come. Hopefully those men, who were 22-23 and I was just recently seventeen, which by some strike of bad luck, is the age of consent where I’m from. Hopefully those men will het everything they deserve. They have ruined my life. But thankfully, luckily, I have a great support network from my family. Best friend and my amazing then-ex-now-boyfriend.

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