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I was raped about a year before I was kidnapped. The kidnapping is more traumatic for me because nearly 20 years later I recognized a story on a profiling on America’s Most wanted that I knew it was the same people who kidnapped me. I escaped by some incredible strokes of luck but apparently there were at least 50 or maybe as many as 100 murders of women most of them prostitutes that had happened surrounding this same truck stop in Dayton, Ohio. I called the program and told them they were looking for 1 person and it should have been 2. I talked to the interviewer for a long time and he was supposed to call me back but he never did. I felt I wasn’t believed and violated again. Since then I have been overwhelmed with guilt because I didn’t identify him when I had a chance. It was right after the Kent State killings and the police (which should have a copy of my story and the identification of the guy they stopped and who was one o f the men who kidnapped me) but I was so scared I did not identify him. I was a hippie and they killed hippies in Ohio which was the warning given to me by friends. I felt victimized a second time but mostly I felt responsible for their deaths. If I had spoken up when I had a chance would those girls still be alive?

— Dianna Olsen, age 63


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