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Letter to my offender part 2


The month before everything happened (October) I got in a fight with a cousin. I was not prepared to fight with her she’s bigger than me so it’s safe to say her five friends and my one had no idea I was going to fight back but I did. Later that day i joined you in the choir room to practice for region and I told you all about it. You told me “i wish I was there I would have stopped it” as you felt the bumps all over my head from her fists hitting me over and over, and then you looked down at me kind of amused “so you really hit her with a piece of wood?” Although you were amazed by this aggression I wasn’t I knew that I was capable of handling myself and took pride in that. What did take me by surprise a month later … a Tuesday night around 6 pm fort Stockton high school auditorium stage right fifth row down from the front you were sitting in the second chair I was in the third .. can you imagine being frozen lost with words and motion … well I can. What can you remember from that night? Maybe the truth, instead of all the bullshit you say to others happened? Or have you been lying for so long you believe what you say is true?

Daleth, age 18

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