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Life Changer

From the age of five to the age of nine I was sexually abused and assaulted by a family friends son who was a couple years older then me . He would touch me and tell me he was just trying to play . As I started getting older around the age of 7 I stared feeling nasty I started feeling on myself like he taught me. I would feel stuff a seven year old shouldn’t feel. I remember him touching me and licking my private areas and forcing his areas in my mouth. I remember feeling like I was nothing . I remember feeling like I was trash. When I was 9 years old I just couldn’t take it any more I decided to tell my mom but it was to late his mom has sent him to another state. I never got the justice I deserved. At the age of seventeen I was still a mess my head was a mess I was using and abusing drugs. I used to cope with the memories. At the age of seventeen I went to a party with friends I had in high school not bowing what three boys would do to me that night. I remember one of them offering to take me home because I was drunk and I said okay and two others joins us in the car. I remember getting off the car and walking with them to a park I remember them touching me and me repeatedly telling them to stop ! I remember them grabbing me hard and hurting me . I was left with bruises and finger prints and vaginal tares and back cuts. And even then the justice did nothing for me because in there words I was intoxicated and the boys didn’t want to talk ! Till this day now I am 23 years old and now after the years I have learned to forgive to move on and live my life. It wasn’t easy I still remember but I am looking for better days. Know I am engaged and I am expecting my first baby girl. I hope my story helps someone you are not alone. But you can and deserve a happy ending.

— Lisa Ralla, age 23

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