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Life Is Rough

Hi my name is Susan. I live in NY as I have most of my life. I saw Brave Miss World on Netflix and finally felt I need to at least in some way share a glimpse of my abuse. My father was a severe drinker he always had a dark side. He had murdered an 17 year old named Joanne prior to meeting my neglagent mother. My father worked in the church as well as graveyards and he molested me. At times he made me say my name as someone else’s in the basements of these places. My father would get drunk and introduce me to these dead people carrying on conversations as if they were still alive. My only refuge is and was my older brother Matthew. I have been violated by more perverts than I am able to discuss. Thank you for the strength you gave me to be able to share a part of my past. Im just not sure how to heal these wounds.

— Susan

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